Frequently asked questions. We've made a list for you with all the questions that we get asked a lot, if you have a question not on our list, feel free to call us during working hours!

Our timings are from 8:00AM - 2:00PM, from Sunday to Thursday.
We accept children from 0 - 4 years old.
At Big Ben, we understand the value and importance of teaching Arabic, Islamic Studies, English, along with a variety of activities. Our activities are aimed at teaching children science and language through play and discovery - that's why we've designed our curriculum to make it the most fun and educational that it can be, and we've spent nearly two decades perfecting our job. Rest assured, at Big Ben, your child is in the best possible care.
If your child is not a native Arabic speaker, and if you don't want them to be part of the Arabic class - don't worry, your child will instead receive an additional English lesson, or a science activity during the Arabic lessons.
No problem! We have the same programme for non-Arabic speaking children, where children are placed in additional English lessons, or science activities for the duration of the Arabic/Islamic course.
Great! Fee's are divided based on the age of the child. Our fees are structured per term, where each term is 3 months. For children ages 0-2, the fee is 4,000AED per term, for ages 2-3 the fee is 4,500AED per term, and finally the fee for children ages 3-4 is 4,750AED per term.
We are located in the Al-Sabkha (Um-Khanoor) area in the emirate of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates. You can find us on Google Maps - just search for: Big Ben English Nursery!
If you are a parent and are looking for more photos of your child, don't worry! We take lots of photos for the parents at Big Ben, and we spend a lot of time making sure we take the best photo's and edit some great videos. DVD's are available at Big Ben - just ask at the reception!

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